The Benefits of Buying an Existing Domain Name

Domain names come and go, get activated and deactivated, renewed and expired. These processes occur thousands of times per day throughout the year. Domain names are a vital aspect of running an ecommerce business and are one of the first thoughts while beginning to develop a website.
Many new website creators spend a great deal of time and effort thinking of a domain name only to find that it’s unavailable. In many cases the name has been purchased and there isn’t even a website posted, which can be quite frustrating. One alternative to thinking of a domain name is to purchase and existing name.
There is some advantage to searching for and purchasing a deactivated or expired domain name. These benefits include:

  • Previous Traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Short, Targeted Keyword Domain Name

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The first advantage is that traffic may have previously flowed to that website. The amount of actual traffic is difficult to estimate, but many customers that may not know the domain name didn’t get renewed, may still visit the site. Any traffic that once flowed to the site is an excellent start as it beats zero initial visitors at a newly-created domain name.
Another benefit is from the potential search engine optimization offered by the domain name. It’s likely the previous owner put some type of effort to optimize the domain name for search engines. Since it takes a decent amount of time for search engines to index specific websites, the previous owner has already been through this so the domain name may still retain a good page rank.

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The final benefit is that it’s now difficult to find short, targeted keyword domain names as they’re all registered. By purchasing an existing domain name, you have a decent chance of scooping up a short name that may otherwise be unavailable. Many owners purchase short domain names as an investment and not a long-term project. Therefore, they would be willing to sell the name.
Purchasing an existing domain name is a great method for acquiring a name that still has an immense amount of traffic flowing to it, is search engine optimized and already indexed with potentially good page rank and is short, containing targeted keyword domain names. If you obtain a quality domain name, a lot of the work may have previously been completing leaving extra time for website development.

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