Marketing WOW! Has the BEST Commercials… and App!

There have long been office sharing apps, usually tying user’s calendars together, or allowing editing of documents by multiple users from remote locations, but there’s something new that really creates a virtual office for multiple users via mobile phones. Do is a cloud-based application that shares tasks and information across your company, tying all necessary people together so they can function separately, but as one. BIG DEAL! The best thing about Do is the videos they have planted on YouTube.
It wouldn’t be fair to spotlight their videos without giving them their “due,” so to speak. As listed on their “about” page, they describe themselves as:

Do is a startup from Salesforce that’s dedicated to changing the way people work together. With Do, you can work on shared or private tasks, projects, and notes. You can attach documents to your tasks. Track progress through activity feeds, comments, and real-time notifications. Do is also mobile, so you can work from anywhere with your phone, tablet, or computer. We even work with Google Apps — attach a Google Doc to your tasks, create a task from Gmail, and sign in with your Google account credentials.

Say “goodbye” to endless, repetitive meetings. Time is better spent when everyone knows their tasks and there’s a digital “tattletale” to spot the slackers who drag the task down.

Turn your mobile device into your assistant. Do’s app keeps everyone on track with pinpoint accuracy.

Don’t fight the phone! Since everyone is glued to it, why not just make it work for your staff?

Just a few of the apps that make Do work better.

The free option works well for freelancers, but if you have a large staff, then the premium plan is a bargain, if you consider the costs of having a trafficking manager doing the same work.
But the real kudos for this high school class of “doods and doodettes,” as they call themselves, who keep track of their daily Foosball matches on their website, along with their favorite food truck, and the current song playing in their cribs during nap time, has to be the entertainingly different video ads. If they wrote and directed the videos themselves, then they are the marvelous idiot savants they seem to be. If they allowed an ad agency to create these masterworks, then they are savvy businesspeople for encouraging such creativity.

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There are a couple more video ads they produced, but they are aimed at straighter businesspeople, because only so many people know the value of humor.
Like only a few before them, the kids at will hold a place in history for their guts and vision when it comes to edgy advertisements. Their app might also earn them a well-deserve a pat on the back… if it just wasn’t overshadowed by that damned Foosball thing.
Will the Do gang ever match the edginess of this commercial? They show promise!

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