AT&T Puts The Business Back Into Content Delivery

When looking for a quality way to decrease the lag on your web content, you may quickly find yourself inundated with, shall we say, less than satisfactory options. Providers are a dime a dozen out in the wild, so how is the discerning business manager to choose the best option for their company’s needs? What content delivery network offers the best mix of professionalism, features, and overall quality? One could easily spend days researching the issue, but considering what AT&T’s network is offering, we feel there’s no reason to look any further than the global telecommunications giant. If you’re in need of a reputable, prestigious, and above all reliable provider to deliver your web content, AT&T is guaranteed to have a plan and pricing scheme that will satisfy you and your board.

Quality Brand with a Plethora of Features

We’re enamored with AT&T’s content delivery network for a number of reasons, but most importantly, we’re impressed by its dedication to the business market. Where other services might strive to offer cheaper, cloud-based edge networks for the lower-end consumer to draw from, AT&T instead works hard to lay a superior cable network, flawless service, and quality features unique to the corporate need.

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This excellence in features begins with the company’s industry-leading cable network. As a global provider of telecommunications services, AT&T has a unique repository of fibre-optic technology to draw from. The provider has capitalized on this opportunity by laying a network of over 932,000 miles across 163 different countries. Every inch of which, of course, is composed of the highest quality material, guaranteeing the fastest speeds of any content delivery provider where basic hardware is concerned.
These benefits are also compounded by more traditional statistics, such as AT&T’s 3,800 service nodes across the globe. Each of these nodes comes tied to one of 38 Internet data processing centers located strategically for maximum edge capacity. All in all, at the end of the day AT&T supports one of the most technically advanced and widespread content delivery platforms of any provider.
Because of their quality in hardware, AT&T also offers simply one of the best HD video streaming services of any content delivery provider we can name. Their fibre-optic cables ensure the fastest downloads speeds, the highest streaming quality, and the fewest pixelations per minute. Their excellence in streaming is also compounded across all spectrums of digital media, thanks to the company’s Intelligent Content Distribution Service. This service routes DNS requests quickly and efficiently to the data processing center or node closest to the user, maximizing end-user satisfaction while decreasing load times dramatically.

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Software Further Bolsters Convenience and Productivity

From a software perspective, AT&T also offers one of the best analytical suites in the business. These consumer-oriented tools come stock with each and every CDN account, and provide an ideal look at network traffic, server load, and content distribution the world over. If you’re looking for an effective way to track and critique your network strategy, AT&T makes this easy with their online storage and web analytics software suite.
However, we recommend AT&T as a content delivery network provider for more than just its size or quality. If you’re a business professional looking to establish a corporate presence in an existing location, AT&T is by and far the best solution. This is because of the company’s unique dedication to businesses both large and small.

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In comparison to every other CDN service of note, AT&T is the only provider to offer SSL caching based around a single corporate network. The company’s extensive Internet grid can be utilized behind a dedicated corporate space designed to bring you your content quickly and securely. This network can also be kept behind a certified Firewall for maximum encryption. All of this is umbrellaed under AT&T’s Private Content Distribution Service, and provides a unique opportunity for corporations to create and manage a worldwide network dedicated to their content and their content alone.

And, of course, AT&T also offers unparalleled options in both scalability and network load. All in all, if you’re looking for a secure, reliable, and comprehensive way to host your content with a corporate focus, AT&T is the ideal solution.
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